Nerdy to Alpha Male

March 23, 2017

                                                              NERDY TO ALPHA MALE

I’m not a boy with sweet-face. I wore big spectacle, my hair soo curly and messy. I used to wear shirt and take in my shirt. I’m a nerdy boy.

No girlfriends. Not have many friends. They hate me. They just need me when the lecture ask to do some assigment. You guys totally stupido!

\I really want girl look at me. Atlast, 5 seconds. That’s quite enough for me and will make me smile.  

For those who ask me hang out together. I was really-realy surprise. It was my first time invited to hangout together.

I told my mom and my mom was really happy. She’d finally said “Now, you had friends. I really proud of you.”

My mom knew that I was really hate by other student because of my face that really ugly. But my mom always give me really hard spirit.

She always said that I was the most handsome guy in the world.

That night had come. I went to the party. Very hot party. Girls, Music, dance!

Everyone spoke with me. I enjoyed that party.

You guys totally suck!!!

Someone put drug in my water. You guys totally f***!

You guys treat me like an animals.

My mom was too disappointed at me.

I tell her that I’m not guilty.

But, my mom not believed at me.

I looked at my friends(they not friends, should be evil and dumber!)

 Everything had changes when I was not a nerdy boy again. I became most popular alpha male around the world. My name shouted by peoples around the world.

They admired me. I was the most popular guy on the magazine. My damn damn hot face always be cover for popular magazine.

You guys must believe me.

Many girls shouted my name like an insane person.
I’ve change a lots! Not by plastic sugery. Original!

Friends who called me nerdy and dumb. Run towards me and shouted that I’m her/his friends.

Oh?! What the??

And I? I love to pretending kind to them.

Sorry?  But I’m not a good person. Physically can changes. 

"Should I kill them...?"

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