Beauty and the Bash King

March 20, 2017

What kind of title? Hah! Is not about BATB actually. Ya... everyone knew that Film had postponed. Erk?! it was because that "gay scene"


I don't care actually. As usually. I can download it from any website. Haha!

Oh, by the way, this is my first time on my lovely blog since I stop update last years. Is not because I bored. But... I got many attention from other. Yek?! haha! I was busy on concertrate on my study and competitions. What kind of competition?

Ya... English drama, Motivation, And... busy on my writing. That finally, i had finished my second manuscript. And...  Now I working on for my next manuscript.  I hope I can finish it before my "big war"

SPM lah. 17 this years okay.

Oh, Actually there are so many thing I want to tell you guys. ( macamlah ada orang yang baca)

Hey, may or not realize? Is that... I started to using english languages? haha!

Please, Don't mind my english. Mesti banyak gila english aku berterabur.   hahah!

Kalau sapa yang rajin nak betulkan silalah komen nyek. (ada ke orang nak komen)

Oh ya, before I forget. I was starting to be youtuber. Newbie lah kiranya. And I love to making a parody Miming.

Free? Please visit my channel: Qbal Ramlan 

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  1. Hi Qbal~~ mudanya awak ni. Terasa dah tua sis bila tahu QBal baru nak ambil SPM tahun ni :D

    Sis menanti filem beauty and the beast! Khamis ni! Yeayyyy! :D

    Btw, sis follow Qbal juga ye. Thank you tau follow sis dan letak blog sis dalam bloglist. Nanti sis do the same okay :)

  2. Sis Siqah! tq tq sebab sudi komen. waa. terharunya blogger terkenal kemon.

    Tulah fasal Qbal pun tengah tunggu cita BATB ni. Tak sabar nak tengok. Tq sudi masukkan Q dalam bloglist sis !! yeah!!


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